• Product Description

      No two Narcissus designs are ever the same so each and every bouquet or vase is made individually and uniquely.  These pictures are a guide rather than an exact representation, changes are sometimes made according to seasonality and availability.

      Announcing our new series of bouquets with a new design for each month of the year. Each bouquet is designed by a single member of staff and is accompanied by a wee story about where they found their inspiration.

      Introducing Airs and Gracenotes  - designed by Katherine Taylor, Operations Manager.

      'Inspired by music written by my late mother titled 'Airs and Gracenotes.' The piece featured musicians from silver and pipe bands, a choir, her music school pupils, and more - all talented factions who had previously not had the chance to play in an ensemble like this. 

      I've tried to reflect this in the bouquet, where each floral and foliage stem was chosen for its ability to perform perfectly as a solo artist, but all of which work together in perfect harmony within the arrangement. These particular cottagey varieties remind me of my childhood garden and are a nostalgic tribute to my mother.' 

      This bouquet comes in one size only.  Further Reading: Caring for your flowers.