• Product Description

      No two Narcissus designs are ever the same so each and every bouquet or vase is made individually and uniquely.  These pictures are a guide rather than an exact representation, changes are sometimes made according to seasonality and availability.

      Announcing our new series of bouquets with a new design for each month of the year. Each bouquet is designed by a single member of staff and is accompanied by a wee story about where they found their inspiration.

      Introducing Auld Reekie  - designed by Sophie Erskine, Senior Florist.

      'Inspired by Edinburgh Old Town's irregular medieval architecture and winding cobbled streets, this bouquet captures the unique contrast of the older, sooted buildings against the brightly painted shopfronts such as those seen in Edinburgh's famous Victoria Street.

      Auld Reekie sees seasonal delights such as blousy peonies, roses and jaunty scabious in jewel-like hues amongst sandy, brown-toned foliages and other textural treasures.' 

      This bouquet comes in one size only.  Further Reading: Caring for your flowers.